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NEW DATA: A Real-world Observational Study Fully Supports Test Performance

Estimation of Malignancy Association For Mutations and Fusions, Detected by NGS, by Incorporating the Results of microRNA Expression Profiling Assay for a Large Set of Clinical Specimens

ATA 2019, Chicago, IL

Our approach to molecular testing of thyroid FNAs combines the detection of selected DNA and RNA mutations utilizing next generation sequencing (NGS) and microRNA expression classification, which independently evaluates the risk of malignancy in these aspirates. An existing platform of DNA mutations and RNA fusions (ThyGenX®) was expanded to include 5 additional oncogene hotspots in RET, ALK, PTEN, GNAS, and TERT promoter genes and 32 RNA oncogenic fusions reported in thyroid cancer. The new NGS platform (ThyGeNEXT®) detects DNA mutations in 10 genes and 38 RNA fusions. Here, we describe our one-year experience with the expanded mutation panel and microRNA risk classifier testing of indeterminate thyroid nodules. We also describe estimation of malignancy association for various oncogenic mutations and fusions by incorporating the results of microRNA expression profiling with the NGS results for a large set of clinical specimens.

Patient management decisions are based on the independent medical judgment of the physician and molecular test results should be taken into consideration in conjunction with all relevant imaging, clinical findings, patient and family history, as well as patient preference.