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NEW DATA: A Real-world Observational Study Fully Supports Test Performance

Simple Ordering Process

No Ice is Nice

(and Easy)

Sample Collection Kits

Specimen Collection

Specimens can be provided as:

  • Only 1 dedicated pass required
  • Stable for up to 6 weeks without refrigeration
  • Specimen in buffer is not light-sensitive
  • Smallest volume of follicular cells required (at least 80-100)

  • High-quality slide images retained for future reference

Sample Submission

Interpace allows clients to use their own local cytopathology services. For those customers looking for an alternate option, Interpace offers comprehensive cytology services via our partner laboratories, including our national provider, Dianon (LabCorp).

International Ordering

Interpace has arrangements with distributors in many countries to make our products available to local physicians and hospitals.

Effective April 1, 2021, ThyGeNEXT® will be billed with Proprietary Laboratory Analysis (PLA) CPT code 0245U

Oncology (thyroid), mutation analysis of 10 genes and 37 RNA fusions and expression of 4 mRNA markers using next-generation sequencing, fine needle aspirate, report includes associated risk of malignancy expressed as a percentage.

ThyGeNEXT + ThyraMIRv2 Test Process


FNA sample within provided collection buffer or PAP-stained smear, Diff-Quik®, Giemsa-stained, and ThinPrep® Slides

Sample Accessioned

Total Nucleic Acid Extraction

ThyGeNEXT testing with reflex to ThyraMIRv2 when needed

Result Report Sent to Client

If you are a physician and would like to learn more about ThyGeNEXT®/ThyraMIR®v2 and other Interpace Diagnostics services, you can reach us using the form below.
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