microRNA Expression Helps Drive
Cancer Initiation and Progression1

microRNAs (miRNA) are Master Regulators of Protein Synthesis and Cellular Function

  • miRNAs are an important class of small RNAs that target and bind to messenger RNA (mRNA), regulating gene expression (protein synthesis)2
  • More than 50% of human mRNAs may be influenced by miRNA-mediated regulation and are associated with several human cancers1
  • By modulating protein synthesis, miRNAs regulate cellular processes such as survival, proliferation, migration, and death3
miRNA regulation of mRNA plays a major role in the biological functions of pathological conditions1

miRNAs Assessed by ThyraMIR® Can Help Rule in all Types of Thyroid Cancers4,5

miR-146b-5pmiR-146b-5pmiR-146b-5p miR-146b
miR-31-5p miR-551b
miR-155-5p miR-29b-1-5p

ThyraMIR Assesses miRNA Expression in Indeterminate Thyroid Nodules to Help Further Inform Risk of Malignancy

“The performance of the microRNA classifier complements that of cytology and mutation analysis with the capacity to better predict biological aggressiveness”6


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