Molecular Analysis of Non-Diagnostic (B-I) Thyroid Nodule Cytology Samples Using Combined Mutational Detection and microRNA Classifier Test

ATA 2019 Chicago, IL
  • Non-diagnostic cytology (Bethesda-I) occurs in 5%-20% of thyroid nodule fine needle aspirates (FNAs), often resulting in repeat FNA procedures, inconvenience for patients, and increased healthcare costs
  • Interpace Diagnostics previously presented data showing that molecular testing can provide useful diagnostic information for the majority of samples with non-diagnostic (B-I) cytology from a dedicated pass collected in RNARetain
  • We hypothesized that B-I cases could potentially be addressed by molecular analysis utilizing a combination testing approach with a mutational panel (ThyGeNEXT®) along with a microRNA classifier (ThyraMIR®)
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